Quality Claim

As a manufacturer of high-quality diagnostics, both structure and function of our company are based on the German drug law. This ensures a continuous incorporation of any changes in the legal status (EG-certification).

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It is a practiced policy within CE-Immundiagnostika that all our products satisfy the most stringent quality requirements.

This also means that our company meets all established criteria for pharmaceutical companies with a view to ecological and economical responsibility while at the same ensuring a quick and flexible response to our customers' needs.

The terms Performance, Flexibility, Creativity, and Quality are all closely intertwined in this private company - all to the benefit of our customers.

One significant indicator for a consistently high product quality is our long-standing reputation for excellence.

We have achieved an international acclaim for the acknowledged quality of our blood grouping test sera and our customised service.

It is our firm conviction that an above-average product performance and a customised service quality are inseparable. They are the foundation of our quality control system.